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Ignorant, Selfish Punks Can’t Measure Up To War Heros


Ignorant, Selfish Punks Can’t Measure Up To War Heros



There is no hand on the bridle of history, history is not ordained, it  unfolds,  and its participants are cast into it like leaves swirling from a gust of wind. My family has lived in Virginia for nearly 400 years and spilled its blood in many a cause.  I make no apologies for the South’s decision to secede, and I make no apologies for Confederate statues anywhere.  I also make no apologies for having a brain, and not being one of these mindless sheep who tag along with the crowd  prostrating themselves in endless blather and “feel good” guilt over the Confederacy.  I will also state  what everyone  knows. No one is really offended by these statues.  These edifices of marble and bronze  are just the latest tool of the race hustlers and neo-Marxists to destroy and to act out their religion of hate; tactics that have led to the greatest atrocities of mankind. History is more than silly chants and simple platitudes.  Space limits me from telling the story of secession and the War, but these statues symbolize cherished values of independence, duty, honor, courage and love of country.

Rather than tear down the past, we should study it, and in its study we should recognize and celebrate this remarkable country. For 6,000 years, life on the planet has been “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.” Now, we are rich and free. It is capitalism, property rights and the rule of law that got us here.  Every one of these sniveling, snot nosed brats vandalizing our streets has a higher standard of living than virtually every man, woman and Confederate general who preceded them.  These punks are not worthy to tie the shoelaces of the average Confederate soldier, who left his family, fought, starved and died out of duty and to protect his  homeland from a rapacious enemy. The idea that the statues are about slavery is idiotic.  The Far Left and its media allies are driving this false narrative. Well, I don’t care to be part of the weak minded gullible ninnies who believe their pap, nor one of the Caspar Milquetoasts afraid to speak up.  I will not apologize for history, nor will I forsake the honor of the 250,000 who died doing their duty.

Inscription on the Silent Sam Statue

Inscription on Silent Sam Statue at the University of North Carolina

Rob Smith

Rob Smith is a lawyer and Managing Director of Chartwell Capital in Richmond, Virginia. He is mean as a snake and likes to kick little puppies when he see them. He also enjoys making children cry and tripping old ladies. He is extremely superficial and shallow. His favorite pastimes/hobbies are pissing people off, littering and being obnoxious.

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