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Sorry Jesus. Didn’t mean to imply that you did anything wrong, that’s just a popular fitful exclamation when one just wants to pull their hair out and scream.

Jesus: Not to worry my son, I get it. What are you so upset about?

Rob Is Right (RIR): Well Boss, I just read this story about how prison inmates in California ran a $ 1 billion unemployment scam against the state. SCAM. 

Jesus: Jeez, unbelievable. Politicians are almost always crooked, but these California pols are just clueless. They smoke a lot of pot out there. At least the money changers could count!

RIR: Gavin Newsome is cancelling Thanksgiving!

Jesus: Yeah, I’m pretty pissed about that!

RIR: California is going to cut off the water and electricity to your house if you have more than 10 people over to GIVE THANKS TO YOU, but the same folks let a bunch of prisoners scam Thanksgiving celebrants, i.e, taxpayers, out of  ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

Jesus: You make an excellent point. A bunch of Judases. Hey, you mind if I have one of those ham biscuits you’re planning to serve tomorrow?

RIR: Sure J-man, but how can we let these Pontius Pilates destroy everything?

Jesus: Damn! Praise Jes.., I mean Praise Me, these are good. Edwards Ham? How bout a slice of that pumpkin pie?

RIR: Sure. But what are we to do? How do we get control of our country? Why does this happen? Why aren’t Californians carrying pitchforks in front of the Governor’s mansion?

Jesus ham biscuitsJesus: Like I said, they smoke a lot of pot out there. It makes you lazy. Hey, is that spoonbread over there !!!.

RIR: Sure have some.

Jesus: Damn! Praise Me again! Slap some butter over here.

RIR: JC, you’re not really helping here. I need answers.

Jesus: I suggest you read Lamentations son. There’s a reason these things happen. Are those sweet potato biscuits!!!

Rob Smith

Rob Smith is a lawyer and Managing Director of Chartwell Capital in Richmond, Virginia. He is mean as a snake and likes to kick little puppies when he see them. He also enjoys making children cry and tripping old ladies. He is extremely superficial and shallow. His favorite pastimes/hobbies are pissing people off, littering and being obnoxious.

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