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Suppose a Board of Directors of a multi-billion dollar corporation voted unanimously to line up various customers against a brick wall and shoot them. Would the directors be criminally and civilly liable for their actions? Most certainly. Now that we have established that directors can be criminally liable, suppose the said corporation manufactured a Kool-Aid type product and they laced their product with arsenic, knowing that it would cause great physical harm to some of their customers, perhaps even kill them? Would that be bad? Do you think the directors should go to jail?

Suppose the big bad multibillion dollar corporation was a prestigious university and the poisonous Kool-Aid it was serving its customer base was actually  “Jim Jones Punch” cleverly packaged as  “education?” Why shouldn’t the university president  and the trustees go to jail?

Perhaps you have been following my family’s dispute with the University of Richmond?   In summary, the school in true Taliban fashion “denamed” the law school named after my great-great grandfather T.C. Williams. The school wouldn’t exist without the benevolence of my family dating back to 1840. The Williams branch of my family were exceptionally fine people; erudite, learned and totally devoted to serving others as directed by their faith. The Board of Trustees made the decision to “cancel” the Williams family despite their saving the school from bankruptcy on more than one occasion. They released the obligatory virtue signaling press releases about the U of R’s values, blah, blah, blah.  This caused my brother Walter and my nephew Stuart to investigate just what are the values of the University of Richmond?  We have been cataloguing our findings at https://linktr.ee/urwoke. We have exposed Marxist professors, virulent anti-Semitism, professors endorsing student involvment in domestic terrorism, a professor who is a Satanist and in general, a woke culture that pays students to turn in their fellow classmates for what amounts to “thought crimes.” But what we have recently uncovered should put the President and trustees in jail. There are plenty of criminal statutes where inducing impressionable people to do things that are harmful is yes, a crime.

Last  Tuesday, I  posted a video detailing  two recent speakers that were highly promoted by the university. The post read:

U of R has raised its tuition to 81k/year. It costs a lot of $ to indoctrinate students on how to have kinky sex with multiple partners of all genders all at the same time! BTW, you are a white supremacist if you practice monogamy. And oh yeah, it is politically incorrect to actually choose your sexual partners bc you are attracted to them, indeed it is racist. This is what $81k/year buys you at U of R. Gee, I wish I had another daughter so she could go to U of R, lop off her female parts and engage in all this scholarship! (this is a 23 min. video, don’t get deterred, skip or come back, but please keep reading below)

Note that I offered to pay for a speaker with a different viewpoint to speak to the students. A dissenting (and rational) viewpoint cannot be allowed at today’s universities.  I have not gotten a response to my offer.

One day later, we stumbled across another speaker series called PleasureFest. I posted the following:


The “virtuous” and “pious” trustees of the University of Richmond “dename” benefactors, devout Christian men of substance and intellect because they do not meet the U of R’s warped standards of perversion. Apparently if you give millions of dollars to the school and save it from bankruptcy, you are immoral, but if you practice Sadomasochism and slap women around during sex, you are a benighted angel and deserve a platform to indoctrinate impressionable students to the delightful arts of bondage and domination. For $81,000/year, your daughter can learn all about these enlightened practices! ( click the image to enlarge and read about “Dirty Lola”).


I followed up immediately with this post.


FATHERS PROTECT THEIR DAUGHTERS. One of my daughters called me crying a couple years ago. She had a date with whom she thought was a nice boy. The next day out of the blue he sent her a picture of his “you know what.” I begged her to tell me where the punk lived so I could pay him a visit and teach him some manners by pummeling him with my fists. That’s what fathers do. Fathers also do not knowingly send their daughters off to places like the University of Richmond.

Back to the Board of Trustees at the University of Richmond. They run the school. They are the loco parentis. With this role comes responsibility. This is not the first year the trustees and president  have sponsored PleasureFest. They are proselytizing polyamorous relationships where some sick ass creeps beat the sh#t out of YOUR DAUGHTER.

It’s about time trustees and officers be held accountable at woke universities, not just civilly, but criminally. Jim Jones didn’t force the suicide punch down his followers throats, but he knew it would kill them. The trustees know they are poisoning kids whose brains have not fully developed. Here in Virginia, one can go to jail for giving a kid under 21 a sip of wine, but grooming them on how cool it is to have some brute beat your daughter during sex  is “educational.” Many a lawyer have contacted me with persuasive arguments on why these cowardly stewards of academia should be locked up. They forced their students to take experimental drugs that have caused massive life long health problems and death. They knew better, but they were cowards, why if they stood up for the lives of their students, they might lose federal grants!  Again, they are the BOSS of their schools, yet their schools groom students to mutilate their bodies, causing permanent and unalterating damage to their impressionable “Jim Jones devotees.” The trustees know the damage they are doing, infertility, mutilated bodies, high suicide rates, permanent trauma, but they won’t speak up because they are COWARDS ( they won’t even allow me to pay for a speaker with an opposing view).  Now, the trustees sit back and do nothing while the university grooms our daughters to engage in perverted sex practices where they are beaten and abused. Any idiot knows the permanent physical and psychological effects of these practices; not to mention the high rate of death, which by the way is at a minimum MANSLAUGHTER.  Why shouldn’t these bastards all go to jail? There are more than a few criminal statutes that could put them there. Follow this story on www.robisright.com.

Rob Smith

Rob Smith is a lawyer and Managing Director of Chartwell Capital in Richmond, Virginia. He is mean as a snake and likes to kick little puppies when he see them. He also enjoys making children cry and tripping old ladies. He is extremely superficial and shallow. His favorite pastimes/hobbies are pissing people off, littering and being obnoxious.

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