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How College Professors Brainwash Students with University of Richmond’s Professor Gruner


We are featuring Dr. Elisabeth Gruner, one of the University of Richmond’s English Professors once again. Why? Because we want to illustrate exactly how Professors can gaslight their students and mold them into little activists. We will be walking you through Professor Gruner’s English 299 syllabus. Week by week, she erodes away at the minds of her students by gaslighting and subverting everything they once held dear. By the end of the class, the students are at lectures with notorious activist leaders. Don’t believe us? Well, watch the whole video because we don’t make these claims lightly.


0:00 – Intro

1:05 – English 299 Education in Fiction and Fact

1:32 – Democracy in Schools

1:55 – The Dangers of a Single Story

3:26 – Questioning your Family Values

4:11 – Does Growing up mean Growing Apart?

5:05 – Activist Literature

6:12 – Collins’ Argument that the Colorblind Society is the New Racism

6:46 – Philadelphia Public Schools Footage disproving Collins

10:21 – Arne Duncan, Obama’s Secretary of Education

11:26 – Reading BLM Propaganda Literature

12:15 – Activism is the Solution

12:30 – Patrisse Cullors

15:19 – Criticism of Cullors from within Black Lives Matter

16:17 – One Book, One Richmond 2018: When They Call You a Terrorist. A Black Lives Matter Memoir

16:34 – UR Guest Speaker: Janaya Khan, wife of Patrisse Cullors

17:04 – University of Richmond’s Womxn of Color Conference

17:27 – More on Janaya Khan

18:36 – BLM goes Bankrupt

20:45 – Does Gruner tell her students about how these are grifters?

20:53 – The Evils of Harry Potter

21:39 – $81,000 to get Indoctrinated

22:40 – Outro

If this is your first time hearing about our ongoing battles against University of Richmond, we suggest you go over to https://urwoke.net to learn more. Check out our UR Playlist here on Youtube as well!

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Gruner’s 299 Syllabus – https://blog.richmond.edu/gruner/english-299-education-in-fiction-and-fact/

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