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With the Virus, Objective Reality and Truth Are Being Ignored

With the Virus, Objective Reality and Truth Are Being Ignored


Originally posted on RealClearMarkets

I have mapped out positions on all major issues of national importance.  I can tell you what works and exactly how to fix any national problem.  However, there is one issue I don’t understand. I have struggled to understand how close to 50 % of the American population can be so mindlessly trusting of Big Government.  What ever happened to critical thinking? Why can’t people form their own opinions using facts and logic to reach a reasonable conclusion? What is it that makes people believe politicians who have lied to them over and over? Even when they don’t purposefully lie, they often are not just wrong in their proclamations, they are horrendously, gigantically and stupendously wrong. In my world, if I am 1% off from what I state to someone, I lose valuable and hard-earned credibility, but national politicians are often wrong by huge multiples, and they still have their adoring fan base that will swallow whatever they say with unwavering allegiance and confidence. Why?

My mind is one of Aristotelian problem solving.  Identify the problem and solve it using facts and logic.  A lot of people possess these tools within the functions of their day to day lives, but these skills become totally absent in their political “thinking.”  Why? Is it some sort of mental deficiency?  Does the right side of their brain over power the left side of their brain?  Is it some sort of tribalism where they identify with the “Party” and cannot divorce themselves from their tribal allegiances? Is it a form of fashion, where they want to be perceived a certain way by others and therefore project themselves to be “hip progressives” to assuage some inner insecurity? Why do Leftists try and shut down speech they disagree with? Why don’t they address the arguments they don’t like with facts and logic as opposed to launching personal attacks on the messenger?  Why do the unvirtuous virtue signal? Why does one become a villain for not goose stepping in perfect harmony with their “party” positions?  Why are their political thoughts and opinions immutable despite always being wrong? Not understanding these issues frustrates me.

Nowhere are these issues more perplexing than in the government’s response to the “Coronavirus.”  We are living in an Orwellian world where clear objective reality and truth are ignored, and in their place the government and its sycophants in Big Tech and other media outlets tell us abject, provable, plain as the nose on your face lies. On January 4, 2022, the United States reported over 1 million new coronavirus cases in just one day. The overwhelming majority of these cases are people who have been vaccinated. Institutions with 100% vaccination rates are experiencing massive coronavirus outbreaks. Yet, Joe Biden, reading off his teleprompter tells the country that in order not to catch the virus, everyone needs to be vaccinated. Huh? Is anyone paying attention? Remember when he told every American on July 21, 2020 that if they get vaccinated “they won’t get sick, they won’t die.”

We learn by having historical memory. I have seen the government and its “experts” be 180 degrees wrong about so many important issues and cause so much harm that I don’t believe anything without running through my “facts and logic” filter, otherwise known as the “common sense” filter. Politicians always have an agenda that serves their own interests and a good place to start independent research is to investigate the veracity of the very opposite of what they proclaim to be “true.”  In this effort, I discovered the writings of Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Johan Giesecke and many others. I familiarized myself with the Great Barrington Declaration, many medical journals and of course I have spoken with many doctors and nurses who I personally know and can vouch for their character.  I did what rational thinking people do.

For the past 18 months, I have taken positions that are in direct opposition to the policy proposals of both the Trump and Biden Administrations regarding the Coronavirus. If one looks at my writings and my podcasts, I have been absolutely right about everything. I have railed about the absolute idiocy of the vaccine mandates, and how trying to vaccinate the entire country in the middle of a pandemic would only cause the virus to mutate quicker and eventually the vaccines would make it more likely that one would catch the virus than if one remained unvaccinated.  I have sounded the alarm about the dangerous side effects of the vaccines. There have been an astonishing array of severe medical problems and deaths caused by the vaccine (myocarditis, thrombosis, pregnancy issues and much more). Life Insurance companies are reporting that deaths between the ages of 18 and 64 are up 40%. These deaths have  little  to do with the virus itself as there is only at best a .02% likelihood of death among the general population from the virus and the 18-64 age group poses even less likelihood. Is it not reasonable to hypothesize that these deaths are due not to the virus, but to the government’s response to the virus?  Many have died from the vaccines. The government forbid doctors from seeing patients in 2020. Think about that and how many deaths could have been prevented by earlier detection of serious medical problems. Suicide rates have skyrocketed.  My brother Walter had Leukemia in August 2019. Had he not been able to go for his regular checkup due to the 2020 lockdown, he’d be dead. How many Walters are dead now due to just this one brain dead government dictate?

I do not have a science background. I was a history major, but I have had a career of telling highly specialized people: accountants, engineers, tech gurus, etc. why they are wrong about particular issues in their field of expertise.  Now, I am not the only person in the world with these skills, there are millions of us. These skills are honed by experience and practical knowledge in the workplace creating a good or a service that others want to buy. There are millions of people like me who still are capable of critical thinking who knew what I have known. The issue is how did the government not know these things! It is impossible. I have a full-time job and lots of other responsibilities, but somehow, I know more about the virus than an army of full time, handsomely paid government experts? Do you smell a rat? Let’s dig deeper.

In early 2020, I knew that the that the best way to treat the virus was with prophylactics and  predicted that  thousands  would needlessly die without these medications.  It has now been reported, as I predicted that the government has caused as many as 500,000 deaths due to its policies of restricting these very inexpensive drugs to the general population.  Why would the government restrict/prohibit lifesaving, very inexpensive drugs and let people die? If I knew these drugs worked, then the Biden administration did. Recently, Dr. Robert Malone was removed from Twitter along with his 500,000 followers  for citing a Canadian study that suggested with substantial and credible  evidence that the Pfizer vaccines are causing more people to  catch the virus. Think about that. The government mandates a vaccine purportedly to prevent one from getting the virus, but in effect it does the opposite, it makes it more likely that one will catch the virus.  This same government is now insisting that you vaccinate your children with the same vaccines!  Currently, the Biden Administration is withholding lifesaving monoclonal drugs from certain “red” states. These drugs work. They prevent people from going to the hospital and dying. Why does the government have control over who gets these medications? The idea that there is a limited supply is nonsense.  The pharmaceutical companies are happy to crank these products out to any willing buyer.

The government has told us that shutting down our businesses, not going to funerals of loved ones and being forbidden to see our doctors is all good for us. We are told that hordes of left wing rioters don’t spread the virus, but others must stay locked up in their homes.  All of which is absolutely absurd. Voltaire said “those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Is it not an atrocity to make millions of people jab their children with an experimental drug? Is it not an atrocity to deny lifesaving medications to millions?

How can any rational, clear thinking person not hypothesize, indeed even conclude that the Biden Administration is causing hundreds of thousands of deaths and that they don’t care? Why is forcing people to take an experimental drug that kills them, not the same as the government killing people? It is impossible for the government’s experts not to know this.  It is human nature to want to believe that our political leaders are good people, but history is replete with the lesson that “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Thus, one must ask, is it possible that our government can be this evil? Robert Kennedy, Jr. thinks it is.

Recently, Dr. Malone gave a 3 hour interview on the Joe Rogan show. Of all the important pieces of knowledge I have consumed trying to understand the outright evil being perpetrated against our countrymen by our government and the sheep like acceptance of a huge swath of the populace to “do as they are told,” this is by far the most illuminating explanation I have experienced. This is not a Republican v. Democrat diatribe; indeed it is very apolitical. Dr. Malone is measured and careful to let the listener draw his own conclusions based on the evidence he presents.  Rather than give you bits and pieces of what he discussed, I think it is best to just say, this is the best and most informative scientific, ethical, social and cultural analysis of our dystopian times I have consumed since March 2020.  I still don’t totally understand the mass psychosis of millions willing to believe whatever they are told, but this interview gave me illuminating insights and is categorically a “WOW” experience. FULL TRANSCRIPT.

I try and walk an hour/day, but while listening to this podcast, I walked over 3 hours and  nearly 15 miles. It is that good.

Rob Smith

Rob Smith is a lawyer and Managing Director of Chartwell Capital in Richmond, Virginia. He is mean as a snake and likes to kick little puppies when he see them. He also enjoys making children cry and tripping old ladies. He is extremely superficial and shallow. His favorite pastimes/hobbies are pissing people off, littering and being obnoxious.

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