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A Bunch of Dudley Do Wrongs


Tomorrow’s news today from the legendary Rob Smith! It is February 21st 2022! Today’s stories include but are not limited to: Stings in Cali, NBC praises some bad hombres, Employee Mandates, Epstein’s Pimp, Biden Behind the Scenes and Dudley Do Wrongs . Enemy of the Podcast, President Biden joins us, but we keep him on mute. Rob learns about the horrors of “Puppy Play”. Don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, ALL THAT GOOD STUFF!

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Rob Smith

Rob Smith is a lawyer and Managing Director of Chartwell Capital in Richmond, Virginia. He is mean as a snake and likes to kick little puppies when he see them. He also enjoys making children cry and tripping old ladies. He is extremely superficial and shallow. His favorite pastimes/hobbies are pissing people off, littering and being obnoxious.

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