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Why the Eagerness to Swallow Fauci’s Lines Hook, Line and Sinker?

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Why the Eagerness to Swallow Fauci’s Lines Hook, Line and Sinker?


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It has always been my experience that women will believe any tall tale you tell them. Thus, it is really fun to lie to them. They look up to authority figures more than men do. If the mechanic tells them they need blinker fluid, they will believe him, and gladly hand him their husband’s credit card.

I once dated a gal from Wisconsin, a saucy little thing of German extract. I could tell she thought I was some sort of anachronism from the 1850s. My great great grandfather’s Confederate sword hung over the mantle and she was fascinated by this and other artifacts in my house. Playing into her prejudices, I told her some whoppers that may have been some of my best lies ever. My son had just turned 13, and I told her that it was a tradition in the South that when a boy turns 13, his father arranges a “dalliance” with a youngish woman, and my family had engaged in this practice since well before the Late Unpleasantness with the Union. There is more to this story, but it is not very PC, so I best leave the rest for another time.

The next day I heard from  several people that she retold my family’s libertine history to everyone in Richmond, and that she was shocked and appalled at our patriarchal ways. I was never more proud of myself. I can still feel a blanket of pure contentment and happiness knowing that my outrageous story telling had been swallowed hook, line and sinker. I’m telling you folks, there is nothing more fun. Now, I know how Tony Fauci feels, and why he lies so much! 

I have read that men’s testosterone levels are  down from a generation ago, which I think explains our current political climate. Men are becoming more like women and thus are wired to believe anything someone in authority might say. Wear a white coat, walk around with a stethoscope and have a big title like Director of the National Effort to Frighten the Masses, and low testosterone men and women will fawn over you and not check anything you say against facts or logic.

Having 11 times the testosterone levels of the average American male, I don’t believe anything without running it through the Rob Logic and Reason Litmus Test (“RLRLT”).  When mask mandates were being recommended at the beginning of the “plandemic,” they failed the RLRLT. Weren’t those so-called contagious virus particles microscopic? Would they not go right through a mask?  Would not the mask deflect some particles where the particles would get all over your clothing instead of dispersed into the air where such particles could be dissipated and cleansed?  Wouldn’t the particles out in the air move quickly across the room? How is it good for the mask wearer to take in less oxygen due to the mask? Doesn’t it hurt your immune system to be deprived of oxygen? Well sure enough there were multiple sources (WHO, CDC, Johns Hopkins, etc.) that had concluded that masks are largely ineffectual in preventing the spread of a virus. There have been other studies since the pandemic stating not only are masks ineffectual, but often can be harmful to the wearer. The RLRLT is a remarkably accurate tool! It tells me that in some instances, not applicable to me, wearing a mask might have some benefits, but for the most part it is detrimental to my health.  So for those of you ladies and skinny jeans wearing men who do not have access to the RLRLT, this is not Bubonic Plague of 1346. Quit worrying about the virus and start worrying about government storm troopers rounding you up to take you to Vaccination Camp.

In Australia, the government has called out the military to enforce mandatory lock downs and to make sure the peons (who of course are incapable of thinking for themselves) get vaccinated. But did you know, that vaccine mandates are likely making the pandemic worse? Here is a one-hour interview with Dr. Robert Malone. His research, discoveries and patents led to the first mRNA vaccine.  He stated the vaccines don’t work as advertised and that your government has been lying to you. The current vaccines are “leaky vaccines.” It may make a great deal of sense for some people to have the vaccine, but by vaccinating a huge percentage of the population, we are creating a much bigger and perhaps never-ending problem, because vaccines are smart, they mutate, and they find ways to attack you. What we are doing is allowing the virus to mutate much more quickly, instead of allowing it to run its course where it becomes more infectious, but much less pathogenic.

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Dr. Robert Malone

On 7/31/21, the NYT reported the CDC has acknowledged that the fully vaccinated spread the virus just as readily as the non-vaccinated. On July 21, 2021 Sen. Ron Johnson stated that intel given to him by the Israelis indicated that 84% of the new virus cases in Israel were among the already vaccinated.  On July 19, 2021, the British government reported that 40% of England’s new cases were from the vaccinated.  But you may say, Tony Fauci has stated that 99.2% of all cases are of the unvaccinated, Smith you are wrong!  Newsflash, Tony is a clever and deceitful liar. Listen to his words, he is stating that 99.2% of all cases are among the unvaccinated. All the deaths that occurred before anyone had the vaccine are among Tony’s definition of unvaccinated! Why would you trust someone who purposefully misleads the public this way? Besides, as the libertarian Tom Woods opines, scientists have a long history of being wrong.

By the way, when government statistics report Covid deaths, they are reporting cases of people who have died with Covid as opposed to folks dying of Covid. In fact, the CDC reported in August of 2020 that only 6% of deaths in the United States were a result of folks dying solely of Covid. In other words, 94% of those who died have multiple co-morbidities.  The survival rate of Covid cases is 99.97%, and following the logic, 94% of the .03% who have died had multiple co-morbidities. Just last week, the CDC stated that it is changing its diagnostic procedures in determining who has Covid. Why? Because its approved testing since the outbreak of Covid was unable to determine if a patient had Covid or the Flu. In other words, the tests were wrong and  inflated the number of Covid cases and deaths.  So all of the government’s draconian Covid measures over the past 15 months have been based on faulty testing.  This is stunning.  Yet, our “betters” in the federal government tell us that we are supposed to listen to the CDC with the same reverence as we would Jesus, high on the Mount, preaching the Beatitudes.  

So if only 6% of people reported to have died strictly from  Covid; how many have died from the vaccine? VAERS is a voluntary reporting site that lists the number of people who have died almost immediately after getting the shot. As of today, VAERS reports between 6- 12,000 such deaths. It appears that it has not updated the site in a month, so this number is likely higher. Some specialists think that VAERS, being voluntary, only reports about 10% of the total deaths from the vaccine. If this is true, this would be a staggering number.  I have no way of knowing, but I know three healthy people who have died almost immediately after receiving the vaccine, and many of my friends know people who have died as well.

If one goes to the 21 minute mark on Dr. Malone’s interview, there are multiple reported cases of cardiotoxicity, pericarditis and myocarditis, a permanent scarring of the heart. In addition, there are thrombosis/blood clotting problems, including cerebral thrombosis and drops in blood platelets. It has been widely reported that the vaccine can reactivate latent viruses, such as herpes and Epstein Bar disease. The greatest fear of scientists like Dr. Malone is that antibody enhancers “go wild” making it possible for the virus to attach to cells it ordinarily would not  without the vaccine. The vaccine has caused paralysis of the face. There are special problems related to women, such as the alteration of their menstrual cycles, and post menopause bleeding. Post-menopausal bleeding is most often associated with cancer. The vaccine of course causes spike protein, but there have been multiple bizarre and unexplainable incidences of the spike protein shedding the vaccinated and going to the unvaccinated causing menstrual issues for unvaccinated women in proximity to vaccinated women.

 Now, if the North American speckled snail darter was having bizarre menstrual issues, the government would shut down every stream in America and conduct a ten year long study, but here people are dying after taking the vaccine, and governments around the world are in a mad rush to mandate everyone be vaccinated.

 Medical ethics are being thrown out the window, and we are witnessing a worldwide abuse of basic human rights. The Biden Administration is using mandates, coercion and misinformation to facilitate this crime. The MSM, Big Pharma and Big Tech are all complicit. What we are witnessing is not science, but SCIENTISM, where science becomes a religion. In 1841, a Scotsman, Charles Mackay, wrote Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds; very apropos to our current times. I recommend it to understand our current hysteria.

The leaky vaccines should be targeted to the most vulnerable and those with deficient immune systems. There is a ying and a yang to everything, and in these instances, use of the vaccine outweighs the risk. Yet, with people who are perfectly healthy and have no co-morbidities, the vaccine can cause life altering damage and even death. There are numerous prophylactic and therapeutic remedies to the virus. What we are witnessing is the collectivist mindset of  cultural Marxism where people are not individuals, they are just tools of the state, and thus they can all be treated in exactly the same way.  The solution to ending the severity of the virus is to let doctors use evidence based medical practices to treat patients the way the doctor and patient decide works best in each individual case.

When I tell a big whopping lie, it is just for fun and nobody is hurt, but the lies being promulgated to you about the vaccine by the Fauci-ites are causing tremendous harm.

 By the way, whatever happened to “first, do no harm?” 


Rob Smith

Rob Smith is a lawyer and Managing Director of Chartwell Capital in Richmond, Virginia. He is mean as a snake and likes to kick little puppies when he see them. He also enjoys making children cry and tripping old ladies. He is extremely superficial and shallow. His favorite pastimes/hobbies are pissing people off, littering and being obnoxious.

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